A photo of Kelly Williamson holding a stack of her purple urchin styled mugs and a teacup she made. Kelly is standing in front of a tall leafy plant in her backyard called greater galangal, which is used in Thai cooking, but Kelly mostly just likes it because it looks tropical. Kelly's Thai friend says greater galangal is delicious when cooked with rice as it has a spicy ginger like flavor. Kelly is a Caucasian female with brown hair, brown eyes and a long face like her mother, grandmother and countless relatives that came before her. Kelly wore a light purple T-shirt for this photo to match the pottery she is holding in the photo. Kelly has straight teeth thanks to her mother paying for dental braces when Kelly was about 12 years old which was around 1994. Kelly's mother would appreciate knowing she has been acknowledged for the hard work that went into paying for Kelly's dental braces being saved for all of eternity right here with this photo’s alternative text on the world wide web. Kelly’s mother is an artist as well but chose a more lucrative career so she could pay for expensive things like dental braces for her daughter. Kelly’s mother also gifted Kelly her first pottery wheel and kiln around 2003 because she realized Kelly’s passion for clay should be supported and encouraged! What a great mom I have! And God bless the USA for all its freedoms and opportunities. Written by Kelly Williamson, professional potter.

Would you like to learn from Master Potter Kelly Williamson?

Would you like to learn from Master Potter Kelly Williamson?

Now is your chance! Hirdie Girdie Gallery artist Kelly Williamson is teaching a summer course at the Cape Coral Art Center.

Here’s the deal:


1:00 pm – 4:00 pm


Cape Coral Art Center

4533 Coronado Pkwy

Cape Coral, FL, 33904


Enroll now!!

Would you like to learn from Master Potter Kelly Williamson?

This class is for all levels of students interested in focusing on creating hand built and wheel thrown functional or decorative works. Demonstrations will be catered toward all levels and experiences and include techniques such as altering wheel thrown forms, handles, lids, slab-built pieces, textures, various glaze applications and more. Student works made in this class will be fired using mid-range clay in electric kilns.Students are responsible for purchasing their own supplies as they are not included in the class fees. Supplies are available for purchase at the Cape Coral Art Center Supply Store located in building 2 open Monday- Saturday 9:00am-4:00pm. Current students receive a 10% discount. Call 239 574-0802 for more information.

Works created outside of the Cape Coral Art Center and/or created with clay or glaze purchased outside of the Cape Coral Art Center are prohibited to be fired in Cape Coral Art Center Kilns. This prevents pieces from being fired at the wrong temperature, destroying kiln shelves and bricks.

Supply List:
– Basic clay tool set with 8 tools
– Towel
– Mid range cone 6 Clay- Please wait to purchase clay until you discuss with your instructor what you would like to create. Your instructor will suggest the best clay body for you to use as well as the tools you will need.

The Art Center wants you to learn while having fun and staying safe! Please keep a pair of safety glasses and respirator handy at all times.

Raku is not available in this course.

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