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Theresa grew up in California and has been involved with clay since she was a small child. Clay was her mother's way of keeping her busy while she was occupied with her 5 other siblings. Theresa loved to sculpt and did so throughout her teens.

Theresa formally studied and apprenticed under an award-winning ceramic artist near Fort Worth, Texas for 5 years as she continued her exploration of the ceramic form. She retired from her 25-year corporate career in 2010 and moved to Sanibel and formally began her second career in ceramics.

Theresa is inspired every day of her life in Sanibel. Theresa's favorite things are the colors and shapes that occur naturally vegetation and water. She spends numerous hours formulating her glazes to reflect what she sees in nature. Theresa’s preferred clay is a white stoneware as it is durable, and it amplifies her colors.

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