Giclee Prints on Canvas by Martha Dodd


Beautiful Gallery Wrapped canvas, 1 3/8 inch deep, glossy finish, ready to hang. Don’t see the size you want? Contact Martha – she will be happy to order the size you need.


Please allow 3-7 days for order to process, as your canvas is custom ordered from a fine art print company. Your canvas will then be shipped directly from the print company to you.

Shipping and handling costs will be shown in the checkout process, before payment.


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Equine art, beach art, Florida art, Bird art, Queen Bee art, Queen Conch art, coastal art, tropical art, Butterfly Queen art, pelican art, seagull art, parrot art, mermaid art, fairy art.

Additional information

Image by Martha Dodd

Cockatoo with Beauganvilla, Macaw in Coconut Palm, Queen Conch, Queen Bee, Rose Colored Beauty, Sanibel Lighthouse at Sunset, Surprise Under the Dock, Fairy of the Tropics, The Passage, Fluffy Seagull, Rose Angel, Man in the Blue Suit, Serene Mermaid, Iberian Pride, Alligator Repose, Summer Dream, Strike a Pose, Snowy Beauty, Out of the Dark and Into the Light, Midnight Dance, Alligator Repose, Butterfly Queen, Sunwashed Pelican, Gentleman on the Water, Nightherons, Majestic Great Blue, Pastel Great Blue, Tropical Floral, Gentle Side of the Great Blue, Exquisite Owl, The Fairest Flamingo, White Egret Blues, Feathery Snowy Egret, Prince of the Everglades, Windswept

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11" × 14", 12 x 12, 16 x 20, 20 x 20, 24 x 24, 8 x 10, 8 x 8