Sue Housler


  • Ceramics
Sue Housler standing in front of the Hirdie Girdie Gallery holding one of her works of art

Sue Housler grew up in the Western New York Area, moved to New Jersey, and is now a full time resident of Sanibel Island, Florida.

“I have BFA from the State University of New York at Buffalo. I continued to study Jewelry Design at SUNY Buffalo State. My specific areas of interest are painting and sculpture. I became interested in clay because of my background in sculpting and casting in bronze.
The properties of clay allow me to continue tactile creativity. Glazing is similar to Oil Painting and I am able to manipulate color, depth, and design.
My creations reflect my intense appreciation for beauty in nature.”

“The introduction of the term Art Tile in the last 20 years is meant to promote the individual tile artist who still uses the hand to make, form and decorate the tiles. This term distinguishes the small studio tile artist from the mass produced industrial tile and promotes the return of the labour intensive artistic method of making tiles. Some tile artists will purchase standard mass produced bisque or glazed tile and then hand-paint the decoration. Other artists chose to hand-make, prepare and hand-paint the individual tiles. This later choice greatly increases the individual tile labour and dramatically impacts the volume of tiles produced. However, this later method uniquely individualizes each tile as a work of art, thus the Art Tile.”
– Phillip Read

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