Oliver Martin


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Oliver Martin

I have worked in wood since childhood. My father, a Renaissance man, was completely disabled from a catastrophic accident as a postal service employee in Philadelphia. I was 4 years old then. He became my teacher.

When I grew up, I opened up a country store in the Poconos and made knives, muzzle loading firearms, furniture and other woodcrafts for sale over the long Pennsylvania winters.

Since moving to Florida thirty years ago to care for my elderly in-laws, I needed to find a woodcraft that could be accomplished without the use of gunpowder or the heat of a forge. Woodturning fits these requirements. Very quickly I was captivated by the hidden beauty that exists within the whorls and shading of wood!

Eager to apply my wood crafting skills in a new arena, I have taken woodturning classes at both the John Campbell and Arrowmont Craft Schools. My continuing education comes from them, the Woodturners of Southwest Florida, and the American Association of Woodturners.

I am honored to join the very fine artists at the Hirdie Girdie Gallery

Video coming soon….