Nikki Taylor


  • Pen and Ink
Nikki Taylor

Nikki Taylor’s fascination with the simplicity of a pen started only a year ago. Seen as a basic tool she is able to create images of great complexity and depth. Nikki Taylor has taken that which is simple and basic to create moving images that makes the viewer look twice at the detail and story behind each original fine art piece.

Nikki Taylor draws her inspiration from living on various islands across the Caribbean. Born and raised in Florida, she was constantly inspired by her surrounding natural environment, the ocean. At the young age of 10 she took her first breath underwater and her life hasn’t been the same since – just think of watching Blue Planet in high-definition 3D, only a million times better, that’s diving. As a divemaster Nikki Taylor has logged over 600 dives around the world from the breathtaking crystal clear waters of the Bahamas to remote islands above South America.

The desire to create underwater photography and fine pen art quickly followed and replaced a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and medical school plans (sorry family) but to Nikki, there is nothing more rewarding than the intimate moments, beneath the surface which is where her art is born. As Jacques Cousteau famously said, “people protect what they love” and she fully subscribes to his words. By utilizing art and creativity to help save our oceans, we have the opportunity to connect with people on an emotional level that inspires positive action.

A list of currently available originals or prints that you can purchase online is available on Nikki’s website.

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