Martha J Dodd


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a digital photo of Martha J Dodd

Martha Dodd is a renowned local artist whose work has been commissioned in some of the finest homes of South Florida and featured in publications including Florida Design, Naples Illustrated, Gulf Shore Magazine, and N Magazine.  Working with some of best interior designers in the business, Martha’s diverse work encompasses murals, portraits, faux finishing and landscapes and is noted for its photorealism, detail and passion.

Martha grew up in Ohio, the daughter of an artist and a physician. To this day, she still finds both sides of her brain battling for superiority, but most days they work well together. As a child, Martha was surrounded by an impressive library supplied by her mother, including large volumes of works by Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. Most impressive to her were the enormous murals created by these masters. She loved to draw, and took every art class that was available to her at the College of Wooster, Ohio.

An avid horse lover, she attended Ohio State University and the Agricultural Technical Institute majoring in Horse Management, where she earned her BS in Animal Science in 1983. She originally intended to become a veterinarian, but instead became a physical therapist for race horses, working for the prestigious Bill Haughton Stable in New York, New Jersey, Kentucky and Florida for 5 years.

While working at the track Martha found time to draw the horses around her, and it was not long before coworkers and horse owners were commissioning her to do portraits of their horses. She had the benefit of taking inspiration from some of the finest art museums in New York City and meeting the fine equine artist, William Orr, who guided her painting style.

By 1991 demand for Martha’s work had escalated into a full-time career.  Finding inspiration all around her in Florida, the bountiful local natural wildlife of horses, birds, fish were the frequent subjects of her best-known murals. More recently, she has become a noted portrait artist and is now a member of the Portrait and Figure Painters Society of SW Florida.

Martha has been actively involved in the statewide art-scene ever since.  Martha has had multiple Gallery Openings and Exhibitions, The Centerpiece Donation to ACT, Contributor to the Special Equestrian charity, and the Naples Equestrian Challenge.
Today, Martha divides her time between painting and her other passion, training dressage horses and riders.

ARTIST STATEMENT: Because of my background and my love of the history of art, I recognize the importance of art in the home to create a mood and enhance the beauty of the surroundings.  It not only has a role of adding interest, but it must live in harmony with its surroundings and the people who live there.  There are naturally subjects that I gravitate towards, and my scientific schooling makes me tend to be very representational as an artist.  I love challenges, and love to have fun with my art as well.  It has come to define me as a person – I can’t imagine life without it!

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