Kay Stammers


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Kay Stammers

Kay Stammers had a rewarding career at a Fortune 500 company. She spent many years vacationing in Florida, so she moved to Naples from Pittsford, NY.  Searching for a substitute for work, she was driven to combine my love of nature and the beauty of wood.

“An opportunity presented itself in the late 90’s – a beginner’s bird carving class caught my eye. That was the beginning of my journey. I continue to hone my skills by working with master carvers, studying live birds, and traveling to see birds of other nations. My primary focus is carving three dimensional birds Each creation is unique, paying special attention to detailing what Mother Nature has provided. I predominately work with Tupelo wood, Manzanita, grape vine, and driftwood, and acrylic paints. Transforming a piece of wood into a copy of a living bird is my passion. The possibilities are endless.”

Video coming soon….