Jeanne Risher


  • Fused Glass
Jeanne Risher holding her art

Jeanne began creating stained glass art in 1998 after taking private lessons from a well-known art instructor in Ft. Lauderdale. Her second piece, a large White Egret window is copyrighted, and expresses her unique design and creativity. After making many pieces which became part of public and private collections, she realized there was another form of glass that would challenge her senses even more…FUSED GLASS.

So in 2002, Jeanne enrolled in her first fused glass class and since then, her love of fused glass has become a passion.

Fusing glass is a multi-step process with an unpredictable outcome. After Jeanne draws and colors a design on paper, she selects various glass colors and textures and redraws the design on the glass. The next step of accurately cutting the glass can be affected by ambient air temperature, the artists’ mood or the thickness, texture or color of the glass. Once all of the glass is cut and assembled, it is fired in a kiln at temperatures as high as 1600 degrees. Most pieces are fired twice but Jeanne has fired pieces up to six times to achieve the desired effect. Dissimilar pieces of glass respond differently to diverse firing temperatures and therefore can alter the final outcome of the piece as compared to the original design.

While her kilns are running, Jeanne is creating another fused glass project. Her inspiration comes from nature, especially marine life, although she strives for an endless variety. Sometimes they range from the simply elegant, classical design to the bold, brash, exaggerated and whimsical. Moods guide her designs, not trends. Her desire is to create unique pieces instead of producing and manufacturing pieces along specific lines.

Video coming soon….