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Glenda Chamberlain


Glenda Chamberlain is a ceramic artist who moved to Cape Coral, Fl several years ago to enjoy the beautiful weather and close proximity to the ocean. From her childhood in a small northern Canadian prairie town to living in several provinces and then immigrating to the USA and residing in a number of states from the west to east coast each place helped build a rich palette of experiences that influences her work. Her latest pieces explore her love of the ocean and its inhabitants.
Throughout her life she has created art in many mediums but clay has captured her interest like no other. The variety of techniques and the unpredictable outcomes that working with clay embodies allows her an infinite number of avenues to explore and enjoy.
“Creating a piece of art from clay acts as a form of meditation for me and provides a way of expressing gratitude for the profound natural beauty that surrounds me.”
Most of her work begins with a very basic idea of a form or object, often inspired by shapes from nature and the local coastline. Using hand-building techniques – slabs, coils, and pinching, she allows the process itself to determine the end product, whether it be an art piece or a functional object.
“I embrace the imperfect form, the asymmetrical shape, the uneven edge, the marks left by the maker,” explains Glenda. “Each form lends itself to a different surface treatment; some are left with the beauty of the natural clay showing, some are painted with underglazes, some are carved and others are glazed with rich colors then glazed for a second time with gold accents.”
Glenda is a member of the Alliance for the Arts, SW Florida Fine Craft Guild, Art Council of SWFL and the Cape Coral Art League.

Throughout the years I’ve created art with many mediums but when introduced to clay several years ago I knew I had found what would hold my continued interest. I started with throwing clay on the wheel but it is hand building that has captured my heart. There is just no end to what one can do with clay and that appeals to me as I have a tendency to want to work on several ideas at a time. I love that I get to create with earth – turning mud into a functional piece or a sculpture continually amazes me.

My recent work reflects my love of the ocean and its inhabitants but in an abstract way; ripple vessels splattered with 22k gold are inspired by ripples of wave-sculpted white sand with the gold mimicking the sparkles from mica flakes in the sand.

My other main body of work at the moment came about from a childhood memory. When I was young I had a near drowning experience and the only thing about it that I remember vividly is looking up through the water and seeing the amazing colors of the water; the soft yellows, blues and greens. To those colors that I’ve tried to capture on my pieces I use a technique called sgraffito where I carve away the painted-on underglazes to reveal the white clay body underneath creating an image of kelp swaying in the water.

I’ve never gotten over my fear of deep water but I still absolutely love being by the ocean or on a boat but swimming where I can’t touch the bottom is still something that I can’t do.

Video coming soon….