Bonnie Langenfeld began to combine her artistic skills into an unusual kind of creation while still teaching in Minnesota. Her award winning ability to paint without a single drop comes from carefully combining two of her loves, commercial fabrics for her canvas, and free motion machine stitching as her brush and paint. In her art, cutting fabrics apart then putting them together by gluing and fusing is a normal way to work. She adds incredible details with her sewing machine stitching either in free-motion mode or in a conventional straight or zig zag stitch. Her work is often matted and framed to add to the painterly look and is frequently mistaken for a painting. Among Bonnie’s newest creations are bowls, boxes and dimensional wall pieces all done with the same techniques, and a new one or two!

Bonnie’s professional history includes numerous art shows; being featured at several Minnesota galleries; earning juried and non-juried awards; commissions; speaking about her work; teaching children in an artist-in-residency program; and teaching adults in fabric shops, guilds, and the International Quilt Festival.

Bonnie chooses to do art which brings people joy and wonder. If someone says, “I thought that was a painting (or photograph)”, or they gasp when they realize the art is created only from fabric and thread, she has reached her goals. Enjoy!

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