I was born in South Korea. With a B.A. degree in English Literature, I came to the United States in 1973 and attended the Art Institute of Chicago where I studied Fashion Design. Even though I had an artistic inclination, I diverted to the computer industry and worked for many years as a computer programmer. However in my spare time, I was experimenting with painting with oil, acrylic, printmaking, photography and watercolor.

Since I moved to Southwest Florida and moved to Shell Point, I found my joy and passion when I first held the clay in my hands.

One of my first pottery works, a bust portrait of Thomas Edison, is now on display in the museum gallery of the Edison & Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers. My pottery was shown in a juried show at BIG Arts 3D Sculpture show. I was featured in Grandeur magazine and the Fort Myers News-Press. And I also had a private invitational show at Saks Fifth Avenue for a month in 2010.

When you’re working clay on the wheel, you have to have it centered before you start. That’s how I feel about my whole life—it has to be centered. It feels like meditation in the Pottery Shop; I’m grateful being there. This is God’s gift, and my mission is to live my full potential.

My art is a natural spontaneous release of myself. I feel that any form of art is the most powerful language we can share of our inner self.

I also think creating art is a part of you and the divine working together. Form in my work is derived from organic nature such as flowers and leaves. I feel a close connection to the Creator when I work with clay and organic nature. The process resembles our life experience and keeps me in equilibrium and humility. A lump of clay can be transformed into a beautiful artwork with Divine help, and so are we. I also value the gift of connecting with other people through my art. It is exciting to know that my work becomes a part of another person’s daily life and pleasure. I like to serve people by helping them to recognize beauty in every day life. I am grateful for the opportunity that I am given.

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