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Tracy Owen Cullimore, "Artsy Tracy" is a dedicated fine art painter. She is recognized mainly for her figurative work but specializes in alla prima portraiture of people and animals. She works in oil and charcoal as well as watercolor. Tracy is a Signature member of the Florida Watercolor Society, an organization for Excellence in Watercolor. She has won numerous awards, including named special awards, grants and Best of Show-an award that exceeds first place.
She is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Art History and Business Economics. Upon graduation, she received extensive formal training in Fine Art, Advertising, and Graphic Design through additional college level work.
Tracy works hard to capture personality and life in her subjects, reaching always for that extra uniqueness that stirs a sense of recognition from her viewers. Her style is best described as Impressionistic with notes of Expressionism, the result being emotionally strong paintings, filled with dynamic strokes, a rich value range and design impact.
Tracy enjoys teaching and is continually raising her own standards by furthering her education and entering competitive shows.
Her paintings are in private collections throughout the United States, Germany and Canada.
Artist Statement:
As an artist, my mission is to record moments in time from a personal perspective, to reach beyond a photographic likeness to deeper intricacies of personality. This requires seeing with my heart.